WHY NOW? BECAUSE THIERRY HENRY, IN 2006, WAS THE BADDEST MAN ON THE PLANET ! NOBODY WAS BETTER..NOT ZIDANE, NOT RONALDO, NOT CHEVCHENKO.....BETWEEN 2003 AND 2006 HE SHOULD HAVE WON AT LEAST "ONE BALLON D OR" ! it's important, in a world of marketing and brands to remind that a player should be judged on his accomplishments on the field. Not for the way he talk, walk, act off the field.
This is a problem about awards in sport, and in football, The election of ballon d' or is the perfect example. Thierry henry scoring that goal against these iconic players in a game of this magnitude is a statement! Nights like that, reminds us that your image ..or your smile doesn't determine who's the best. The fear in opponents eyes does.
And no matter what people say, Nobody was more feared than thierry henry in 2006. 




"The LION don't talk, or smile. He just keep doing what a lion does. He doesn't care being called king of the jungle. He knows the truth: gazelles don't fear Kings...... . They fear lions."








" you recognize the"ballon d'or" by counting the number of journalists surrounding him. You recognize the best player by counting the number of defenders surrounding him."








FEBRUARY 21st 2006:THIERRY HENRY, two minutes into the second half scores an incredible the goal to qualify ARSENAL for 1/4 of Champion's league, becoming the first English football club to beat REAL MADRID in SANTIAGO BERNABEU.
Before Arsenal arrived at the Bernabeu Stadium in February 2006, no English side had beaten Real Madrid on their own patch.
And young arsenal.
Thierry Henry, the captain a the team led an exceptional Arsenal performance from a new generation of young players while they were facing a collection of star players: Sergio Ramos, Roberto Carlos; David Beckham, Guti, Robinho, Raul, Zidane,,Ronaldo etc…)
Thierry Henry is a former French professional football player.. who played for Monaco, Juventus, and spent eight years at Arsenal where he is the club's record goalscorer. At international level, he represented France and is his country's record goalscorer. Henry was born and raised in Les Ulis suburb of Paris which, a tough neighbourhood, His very demanding father pressured him from a young age and during his all career.
Unsettled in Italy, Henry transferred from Juventus in 1999 to Arsenal Brought in as a replacement for fellow French forward Nicolas Anelka, Henry was moved into the striker post by Wenger. However, there were many Henry always had the intense desire to himself and establish Arsenal as a powerhouse. Success finally arrived during the 2001–02 season. Arsenal finished above Liverpool to win the Premier League title, and in 2003–04 season, Henry was again instrumental in Arsenal's exceptionally successful campaign. the Gunners became the first team in more than a century to finish the season unbeaten, claiming the league title in the process. Henry scored 39 goals scored in all competitions, but Pavel Nedved has beaten him for the Ballon d'Or, even if henry was considered by his peers as " the most efficient player in world football at the moment," like Aimee jacquet, France's former coach said.

Pavel himself said "For me, Thierry Henry is the best forward in the world now. If I had voted I would have voted for Thierry and for the other players on the podium."
former Arsenal striker Alan Smith commented on Henry: "I have to say I haven't seen a player like him. He's an athlete with great technical ability and a tremendous desire to be the best." Henry was able to operate as both a winger and a striker, the Frenchman is not a prototypical "out-and-out striker", but he has emerged consistently as one of Europe's most prolific strikers. he also produced almost 50 assists in total.

2005–06 season war remarkable too for HENRY and Arsenal were set for a tough European meeting in the last 16. Great opporttunity for him to establish who was the best player in the world.
Henry's moment of magic arrived two minutes into the second half. Cesc Fabregas kicked things off, capitalising on a poor touch from Ronaldo and finding his French team-mate inside the centre circle. From that moment on it was all about Henry. He began by shrugging off Ronaldo and skipped past Alvaro Mejia and Guti before racing into the area and muscling past Sergio Ramos. All failed to stop the Arsenal captain Henry who made his signature shot to past Iker Casillas and send the ball into the far corner of the net. It was stunning.
This goal was just the symbol of an absolute dominance of Thierry henry that day, that season...that era.
An other thing about the French striker is that he never smiled too much, even when he scored. Many criticized him.
Henry tends to jog quietly away, take the applause of the crowd and teammates and go to say thanks to the player who provided the pass. Henry doesn’t smile and it’s not to be irritating.

“If you ask the guys in the dressing room, they’ll say I’m always laughing,” Henry said “If I’m on the pitch you don’t often see my teeth.” “I’m never satisfied with myself,” “All the time when I finish the game, I always think of the things I didn’t do well.” “When I’m on the pitch, I’m not there to have any laughs. I’m there to play,” he said. “People say about my attitude, my body language, I know sometimes I can be a pain when it’s like that. It’s just because I want to win. Sometimes it looks bad on TV. “I always try to play what the game is asking me to do. Sometimes when it doesn’t happen, it can be a pain. Sometimes it kills me when the game is not played how it should be played “ “I think you can see when I’m upset. It’s just the way I am. Everything I do has to be done well. More often it is because I’m upset with myself. When I’m on the pitch and my team is struggling and I know there is expectation on me, I’m a bit upset with myself because I know when I’m on a good day, I can help the team really well.”
Despite having clearly proven that he was the best player, HENRY finished 3rd in the BALLON D'OR voting. Thierry Henry's place issecured among the greatests french and international players, such as Michel Platini, Zinedine Zidane and Raymond Kopa.
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