the wainao concept : ART and History enigmas on double reversible tee shirts


A WAINAO tee shirt, is more than a cloth, this is a new space of modern expression, playful, urban and interactive

tee shirts Wainao concept

The idea is to revisit the history of the world through a series of dates and events that are considered significant in all disciplines. We do this in the form of enigmas and the project probably lies in the following 2 points:

  • To address an event, we rely on subject matter experts work: philosophers, writers, researchers, athletes and others, and we write articles. Then, we ask artists (poets, designers, photographs) to create works from that.
  • These works by the artist are exhibited on the same support; an original tee shirt .

The 6 elements that make up the garment (a date, a quote, a visual, an information, a logo, a number) each an index to determine which event we speak.


All these elements combined on a tee shirt is what we call a WAINAO, the same name as the brand: 



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Qu’est ce qu’un Wainao ?

What is a WAINAO tee shirt?

This is a  model of  t-shirt: printed on both sides and each WAINAO consists of 6 elements distributed in a precise way on the faces of the  t-shirt:





UNIQUE and original tee shirts




The visual 

The image is of course directly related to the topic. It is an original artwork made especially for the occasion, and that can take several forms: drawing, painting, photography ... The goal of each visual is to be both obvious and implied. It becomes clear after reading the quote and making the link with the date. The visual contains small references that require some knowledge of the subject.

  • It is located on the front of the shirt 


The date

Often, the date does not mean much immediately, unless it is a specialist topic. Indeed, it is not necessary an event date that the media used to relay (even if that can be the case too). Our choice fell on moments that often more symbolic value, or illustration, that real action or trigger major moves. We chose dates that we define as "historic".

  • It is located on the front of the shirt, just below the visual.
T-shirt à énigme


 The Event/Fact

 this is the answer to the work. This is a clear explanation of what happened thata day. This is the last thing you should look at in the tshirt because the goal is, obviously, to try to discover what is the event just using the visual, the date and the quote. The information is there to confirm or not if you were right.

  • It is located on the front of the tshirt,  on the right sid,e along the visual in a vertical way.


text Tee-shirt



The Logo

This is the logo of our brand,  ...

  • It is located on the back of the shirt, on the top.


The Number

Each wainao  tshirt is numbered. That is the guarantee that you can nbever find the exact same tee shirt anywhere else. Tee shirt are made especiallly for each client. 

  • it is located on the back of the tshirt just below the logo.



The Quote

The short quote is original,and has been made especially for the occasion. of course it is a direct link with the subject and can take absolutely any form: A sentence, a word, a poem.., ithe only limit is the artist creativty.

  • It is located on the backof the shirt. in the middle.



The inform"ART"ion is the combination of 2 of the 6 elements that makes a WAINAO. The visual and the quote are productions that are the result of the creativity and imagination of the artists. These original works were created especially for the occasion, They are based on real facts but are fictitious and reflect only the thoughts of the artists and in no way those of the protagonists mentioned in the event they are supposed to illustrate. these productions are inseparable from the other 4 elements that make up the WAINAO.