Wainao, online sells unique tee shirts original and customizable

1 date, 1 enigma, 2 artists

Artistic works on unique reversible double tee shirts


Art. 11 of the Bill of Rights of Man and Citizen of 1789: "The free communication of thoughts and opinions is one of the most precious rights of man: any citizen may therefore speak, write and publish freely, except to respond to the abuse of this freedom in the cases determined by Law" . That is probably the best sentence to sum up our project.

For decades. INFORMATION was the exclusive property of MEDIAS. they were deciding what subjects deserved to be covered and how.It was the same way for CULTURE,
that was limited to the great works in places proclaimed : television, museeums, libraries, galleries... INTERNET CHANGED ALL THAT ! All these belong to past, they don’t fit the new world.
Today Social medias have allowed people to question/verify/contest every information that Is given to them, And any artist can expose his work and talent to everybody, for free. People, all around the world are connected on FB, twitter, Snap..BUT SOMETHING IS MISSING, to Create interactions between mens and womens in REAL LIFE, not only accounts on the NET. The dream would be that everybody could wear his FACEBOOK WALL on him, in the street. IMPOSSIBLE, right !? ..well, in fact NO. It’s just very hard but movements like STREET ART showed us the way.

It took us 6 years to do it because, First, we thought we had to build a TEE SHIRT BRAND, then MEDIA, and finally an ART GALLERY. Separately, none of these 3 was solving the problem but One day, we finally got it. We just had to create all 3 in one. That's what we bring you today ...WAINAO, the first textile media of INFORM"ART"ION

Come see how we became the greatest tee shirt brand…without even being a tee shirt brand ! Our story began in.. more about Wainao.

The inform"ART"ion is the... combination of a visual and a written production that the result from the creativity and imagination of artists about an information. These original works were created especially for the occasion, and even if they are based on undeniable facts, they are fictitious and reflect only the thoughts of the artists and in no way those of the protagonists mentioned in the event they are supposed to illustrate. these productions are inseparable from the other 4 elements that make up the WAINAO..