WHY NOW? BECAUSE THE FIGHT AGAINST LARRY HOLMES WAS NOT LIKE THE OTHERS FOR MIKE, HE HAD DREAMED OF THIS ONE AND THE DAY HE COULD AVENGE HIS IDOL..MUHAMMAD ALI. We all had a lot of memories about IRON MIKE and knowing that the most important fight of MiKE TYSON's career for him, is not the one we could think of is stunning. He had so much respect for muhammad ALI that having able to keep the promise he made was more than special for him.

It says a lot about MR TYSON. This kid had been raised to be a champion and he fought for a lot of reasons and people but ....this fight was really for him. He wanted it ...Sorry LARRY HOLMES.




“ you won. you're world champion, but as you celebrate,… look around you, there’s always a kid in the back crying after his idol lost. …and believe it or not, he will make you pay one day “






" In the greatest fight of his life, he was NOT a boxer. Just a kid, finally strong enough To keep the promise he made years ago."









JUNE, 22nd 1988, MIKE TYSON, heavyweight champion defeats LARRY HOLMES in the fourth round by technical knockout.
In 1986, Mike Tyson became was the youngest heavyweight champ in history. After winning all four of his championship bouts in 1987, Tyson's promoter Don King organized a "dream match" with former WBC and IBF Heavyweight champion Larry Holmes. on January 22, 1988, for the WBA, WBC and IBF Heavyweight Championships. The outspoken Holmes was critical of Tyson, promising several times before the fight that he would knock Tyson out. Calling him a "dirty fighter" “a guy who throws elbows, head)butts”.
During the Fight, Holmes had difficulty keeping up with the younger, faster and stronger Tyson. Like many of the fighters who challenged Tyson in the past, Holmes often held Tyson in an effort to slow the aggressive Tyson down. Mike tyson’s unique blend of power, quickness and ferocity would never be more potent. At the opening bell, Holmes appeared startled by Tyson’s speed as the young champion bore in and unleashed wicked shots to the body. Tyson gave Larry no time to set himself, no chance to find his rhythm.

The pattern continued in the second: Tyson pressing, landing to the body, Holmes retreating and clinching. Holmes started to land few uppercuts on the inside, but Tyson remained the more effective fighter. In the fourth Tyson nailed Holmes with a perfect overhand right. Later Tyson sent him down a second time. Tyson blocked Holmes to the ropes and finally landed the final punch on the jaw that put Holmes flat on his back. The referee waved his arms and stopped the fight. It was the first(and last) time that he was knocked out.
Holmes, after the fight said: " Tyson is a lot better than I thought, a lot better. People can talk about Spinks all they want... Tyson is the true champion." Mike said: "Larry Holmes was a legendary fighter, and if he was at his best, I couldn't stand a chance." We can see that he had respect for the former champion but he wanted to beat him for a totally different reason!!!
When Mike Tyson was a boy, he made a promise to Muhammad Ali -- and stayed true to his word.
. In 1980, the roles were reversed for Holmes. At that time, he was the young buck and Ali was the aging icon. It was the worst defeat of Ali's career -- a battering mercifully stopped by trainer Angelo Dundee after the 10th round. Muhammad Ali in 1980 was the most recognisable, and possibly the most loved, man on earth. But on October 1980, Holmes was eight years younger and dominated the all fight. It was a brutal beating that went on and on. In round nine, Holmes stunned with a right hand to the kidney that caused Ali to cringe and double over in pain. and Ali screamed,' Lloyd Wells, a member of Ali's entourage said. 'I never will forget that as long as I live. Ali screamed.'
Tyson was 14 years old that night in '80. He was upstate with Cus D'Amato, riding in who-can-remember's car to who-can-remember where. He wasn't allowed to speak in the car. Not a word.
D'Amato never managed Ali. Never trained him. But they formed a bond in the later years of Ali's career, Tyson said. "Cus loved Ali," he said. "We all did."
"How could you let a guy like that beat you? He was your sparring partner years ago!" Cus screamed over the phone to Ali as the young Tyson sat in the background and absorbed what was going on. "He's not half the fighter you are!" etc…
"Next time, I'm going to beat him," Ali said over the phone. "Now put the kid on."
A young Tyson took the phone. He and Muhammad talked occasionally -- about sticking with Cus, about staying out of trouble and other words of encouragement. Tyson usually didn't say much, but that day he made him a promise. "I'm going to beat him for you one day, champ," Tyson told Ali. "I'm going to knock out Larry Holmes for what he did to you. I'm going to beat him for you. And for Cus."

Eight years later, he did just that.
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