They  earned their spot and brought attention to UFC with their rivalry.
During these years, they won a fight way bigger than them: they showed that womens had a place in mixed martial arts and globally in combat sport.




“.. There’s no “HE” and “SHE” in "FIGHT". A fighter is defined by three things: His skills, his courage and his desire to measure both…..NOTHING ELSE! “







"They used to say back then that womens shouldn't fight....TRUE ! ...............Only fighters should ! "









March 3, 2012: Ronda Rousey armbarred Miesha Tate, her great rival, for a submission and become the UFC women’s champion.
 In Japan, female competition has been documented since the mid-1990s. Influenced by female professional wrestling and kickboxing, the Smackgirl competition was formed in 2001 and became the only major all-female promotion in mixed martial arts. In the United States, prior to the success of The Ultimate Fighter reality show that launched mixed martial arts into the mainstream media, there was little major coverage of female competitions.
The first recorded US female competition was at an IFC 4. on March 1997. This was soon followed by an IFC four women tournament sanctioned by the Louisiana Boxing and Wrestling Commission on September 5, 1997 in Baton Rouge. Following Zuffa's acquisition of Strikeforce in March 2011, there has been lots of speculation concerning the future of women's competition, in term both of relevance and popularity. UFC President Dana White was resistant. He has said, "There is not enough depth to create a women's division.

Tate and Rousey's rivalry is credited with bringing women's mixed martial arts to the Ultimate Fighting Championship.
Ronda Jean Rousey is a former american professional wrestler, actress, mixed martial artist and judoka. She was born in Riverside, California on February 1, 1987. Her mother, a was decorated judokaand Ronda became the first American to win an Olympic medal in women's judo since its inception as an Olympic sport in 1992. Rousey retired from judo at 21 after the Olympics, after winning her Olympic medal. When Rousey had started learning judo, she trained with fellow future MMA fighters Manny Gamburyan and Karo Parisyan. According to Rousey, Hayastan practiced "a more brawling style of judo versus the more technical Japanese style." Rousey trained mostly with males bigger than her and often got frustrated and cried when she got thrown and couldn't throw somebody. "Probably from 2002 to 2005 I cried every single night of training," Rousey said herself.

Rousey made her mixed martial arts debut as an amateur on August 6, 2010. She defeated Hayden Munoz by submission due to an armbar in 23 seconds. In November 2012, the Ultimate Fighting Championship announced that Rousey had become the first female fighter to sign with the UFC.

Rousey is well known for her skill in grappling and is particularly noted for her string of victories by armbar. Rousey is notable for introducing trash talking to women's MMA. In many interviews Rousey has used harsh language. It brought a high level of of entertainment.
Miesha Tate is a former mixed martial artist, she had competed in the Ultimate Fighting Championship and is a former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion. Born in Tacoma, Washington, she was very active in sports from her school days. She started attending the mixed martial arts club after it was recommended by a friend. She made her professional debut at 21. After a period of two years, she won the FCF Women's Bantamweight Championship for the first time. Tate's fighting style focused on wrestling and Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and earned her much praise and appreciation. Miesha won the ‘Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Championship’ and her first title defense will be against Rousey.

During the months leading up to their fight, Tate and Rousey began feuding via interviews and social media.For example while asked about Tate's performance against Coenen, Rousey stated, "To be honest, every time I study that tape, I have to take breaks in the middle because I'm just bored." Tate declared on her part that most of the media attention surrounding Rousey was the result of her being "pretty."She also claimed that Rousey had been " protected. The truth is, going into this world title fight with me, Ronda is still to discover whether she is even a real fighter."
on 3rd March 2012, the fight took place between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey. This event was the most important since Gina Carano fought Cristiane Santos in 2009. In the opening minute of the fight, Rousey attempted to lock Tate in an armbar. However, Tate escaped the hold and retaliated with strikes. Following a back-and-forth session of grappling, Rousey secured a second armbar during the final minute of the first round, forcing Tate to submit at 4:27, and becoming the new bantamweight champion.. Despite a brilliant fight Tate is beaten by Rousey. After the fight, Tate was criticised for resisting the armbar for several moments instead of tapping. Even Rousey was impressed "Miesha impressed me, she’s a tough chick 'cause that hurts."

there's no denying that their combined presence puts a the light on womens in MMA. Rousey has been credited for breaking down several hurdles regarding female mixed martial arts, as well as challenging barriers . She has been regarded as a symbol of female empowerment, she became one of the highest-pay-per-view draws in the world. She appeared nude on the cover of ESPN The Magazine's 2012 Body Issue etc....Ronda is a brilliant business woman (didn't she admitted that she kind of created this rivalry with Miesha on purpose ." to get attention to the fight.?)

In 2013, EA Sports announced that Rousey and Tate were the first-ever female fighters selected for inclusion in a UFC video game. Both foghters have more nuanced words than before:
Rousey said, "I think that if we met under different circumstances, if things weren't the way they were, we probably would've ended up being friends. I think that the person that you're fighting, you have more in common with than anyone else in the room."
In the words of Tate“In hindsight, I definitely feel like it was a good thing,” Tate told MMAjunkie. “I feel like I was blessed to have a rival like Ronda Rousey. Because, without the two of us, there wasn’t enough. She wasn’t enough by herself, and I wasn’t enough, definitely, by myself.
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