WHY NOW? BECAUSE DEVON LARRATT ACCOMPLISHMENT THAT DAY IS ONE OF THE GREATEST IN SPORT HISTORY. HE BECAME WORLD CHAMPIONS OF ARMWRESTLING WITH BOTH ARMS. JUST IMAGINE IF ROGER FEDERER DECIDED TO START PLAY WITH HIS LEFT HAND AND FEW YEARS LATER, WON WIMBLEDON...THAT'S WHAT DEVON DID. The fact that DEVON dominated the fight the way he did,(despite being smaller than ANDREYI) proved us that armwrestling is an art. You got to be strong but not only. You have to know the positions, your opponent's strengths and weaknesses,. Sometimes, you got to be agressive other times, to be patient. If you have the opportunity to watch an interview of DEVON LARRATT, This is a MUST SEE. it's really stunning. You will see the exact same mindset than KOBE BRYANT, JERRY RICE or guys like that....Everything is calculated. He's obsessed with details. ..YOU WILL REALIZE THAT HE IS NOT AN ARMWRESTLER....HE's PLAYING CHESS with OPPONENTS!!!






" The greatness of a man or an athlete is determined by his weakness as much as his strength. so how great is a man... who made his weaker arm, the best in the world?! "






“ If you’re not strong enough…you won’t move my arm. If you’re not smart enough, I don’t care if you can lift cars with bare hands..you won’t move my arm  neither….






28 th june 2012

Devon Larratt beats Andrey Pushkar 5-1 in a supermatch at PAL Armfight 42 in Las Vegas and become the first person to ever hold the overall #1 ranking with both arms at the same time!................READ THE FULL ARTICLE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY RIGHT HERE.