WHY NOW? BECAUSE NO RECORD , TROPHY; OR CONTRACT MADE BARRY SANDERS START FOOTBALL. HE JUST LOVED IT. SO WHEN THE FIRE WAS GONE, HE DID THE ONLY THING TO,...HE STOPPED. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Football is not a video game, athletes makes a lot of sacrifices, physically and mentally . So when the fire is not there or you feel that you won't be fully committed, it's better to stop than continue for bad reasons. At that time, barry sanders was still the best running back in the game. He was on the verge to break walter payton's record, his idol. So when he suddenly quit, everybody was shocked.
It only proved that the man was not playing for record. As soon as the game was not fun anymore he left. That's what we call respecting the game..and we don't need that last year or two,...to know that he's the most talented running back the league has ever seen.




“ It was not about the fans or records. It was just the story of a child and his true love for his football...And Love just like the rain, starts and stops. There was nothng to understand."






"There's no such thing as "retiring too soon" in Football. If you're healthy enough to enjoy your life with you wife and kids at 50....you retired just in time.“                  








JULY 29th 1999

BARRY SANDERS Sanders, considered as the best running in the history of football, at 31, announces his retirement, just 1,457 yards short of Walter Payton's NFL career rushing record.................READ THE FULL ARTICLE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY RIGHT HERE.