26 July 2015: After 4 days of intense competition Katrin Davidsdottir won the supreme individual title at CrossFit Mayhem Freedom,. and surprisingly earned the title of Fittest Woman on Earth.
  Crossfit is A form of high intensity interval training, CrossFit is a strength and conditioning workout that is made up of functional movement performed at a high intensity level: Olympic weightlifting, plyometrics, powerlifting, gymnastics, girevoy sport, calisthenics, strongman, and other exercises.CrossFit is a branded fitness regimen created by Greg Glassman.
The CrossFit Games is an athletic competition sponsored by Crossfit Inc. and Reebok. The competition has been held every summer since 2007. In 2007, the first annual CrossFit Games were contested in Aromas, California, on a small ranch owned by the family of Games director Dave Castro. For the initial Games in 2007 and 2008, participation was open to anyone who made it to Aromas. In 2009, competitors had to qualify after over a hundred athletes had shown up in 2008 Athletes at the Games compete in workouts that they learn about hours or days beforehand, The CrossFit Games are the world’s premier test to find the Fittest on Earth™. They are world-renowned as a grueling test for the toughest athletes on Earth as well as a thrilling experience for spectators.
Since its inception in 2007, the CrossFit Games have become “one of the fastest growing sports in America,” according to Forbes. The Games season is broken up into three stages. The first stage is the Open. This five-week, five-workout competition is held in the winter. The top athletes from each of the 18 worldwide regions qualify for the second stage of the competition—Regionals. Through the trials presented at Regionals, the fittest 40 men, 40 women and 40 teams earn qualifying spots to the Games.
The CrossFit Games rank the world's fittest and determine who is the Fittest on Earth. ONLY THE BEST WIN.
Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir is an Icelandic CrossFit athlete. She was born on 10 May 1993 and had 10 years of training in competitive gymnastics events and as a teenager, she took a year out to pursue a path in track and field (athletics). Katrín started doing CrossFit in September 2011 at the age of 18. A year later, Davidsdottir came 2nd at the 2012 European Regional. At just 19 years old, she clearly intended to become a champion like her fellow country woman, competitor and friend Annie Thorisdottir. With Annie out of the 2013 Games, Katrin was the only individual Icelandic female to compete. Representing her country, the 19 year old finished in 24th.

Katrín had not been able to qualify in 2014. She was very disappointed but in the same time that's maybe what give her the strength to come back in 2015 stronger. She, in her own words, was“ affected a lot" but she started working the physical and the mental affect with his coach.
the 2015 Reebok CrossFit Games took place at the StubHub Center in Carson, California. Leading into the Games, Katrin was not among the favourites to be on the podium not even talking about winning . She was really under the radar. She was facing opponents with a lot more experience. All odds were against her....
On july 26, 2015, Katrín Tanja Davíðsdóttir became the second Icelandic woman to take first place, after Annie Mist Þórisdóttir’s wins in 2011 and 2012. Only four years after starting. Iceland's Katrin Davidsdottir, making her third Games appearance, was the women's winner, overtaking country woman Sara Sigmundsdottir, who led for the major part of the competition.
the rookie Sara Sigmundsdottir who took the lead early in the competition. She held a consistent top 10 performance throughout the competition with an exception of the sprint course, triangle couplet and the final event. Katrin Tanja Davidsdottir was right behind, ready to take over the top spot. She guaranteed her title with a win in the last event and finished 40 points ahead of the Australian rookie Tia-Clair Toomey. Katrin came into Southern California and cooled off the CrossFit Games competition with a come-from-behind performance to capture the title of "Fittest Woman on Earth" on Sunday. Davidsdottir was placed and solid durin the all competition and took the first place in just one event, but her regularity and mental focus throughout the Games allowed her to the top of the world.
It’s a real exploit because The 2015 edition of the Games was harder than the previous ones. It took athletes by surprise, for example, running Murph in the sun, which is an hour of workout in the heat with a weighted vest in the front and back was extremely hard. Most of the athletes have had trouble getting such heat while being dehydrated. It was more the context of the workout than the workout itself that made it very difficult.
270,000 athletes of 138 different nationalities were present to the qualifying stages for this CrossFit Games 2015. 40 men, 40 women as well as 40 teams of six athletes were qualified and thus found themselves in competition to share the 2 millions of dollars in price.
Katrin said: “It is a feeling that it is very difficult or impossible to describe. It was amazing, but every time I think about it, it sounds crazy. It's like a waking dream and it's almost unreal to have won the CrossFit Games. I think I'll never get used to it. And that's fine. I still love to train and want to work as hard as possible so it's OK if I do not really realize what's happening to me.”
This victory has had a big impact on her life even though her daily life remained the same. She has not changed her lifestyle and her habits.. And she’s still working as hard as before the Games.
She knows that even if climbing the mountain is hard...stay on top is harder.
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